The philosophy of the Little Chute Wrestling Club has been developed with this thought in mind – to introduce the youth of Little Chute to the sport of wrestling with the intent of providing an enjoyable experience and keep them coming out for wrestling in future years. The coaches of the entire wrestling program, K-12, have met and developed a plan for the length of seasons, number of events, and a progression of moves to be taught at each level. As a wrestler progresses through the wrestling club, they will experience an increase in wrestling moves they are exposed too, an increase in the length of season, and an increase in the quantity of wrestling events.

Parent Expectations

Parents can expect to see improvements in their child’s discipline, teamwork, self-pride and sportsmanship while being involved with the Little Chute Wrestling program. In return the club asks parents to volunteer through out the season for club sponsored wrestling meets and tournaments. The wrestlers are also ask to sell at least one box of candy bars. These fundraising opportunities provide the largest source of funds for the club.  The club utilizes these funds to enhance the Little Chute wrestling program and its offerings to your child.

Giving Back to the Community

The Little Chute Wrestling Club donates funds towards the betterment of the wrestling program at all levels of the school district. The club provides support to wrestling participates to further their education by sponsoring a scholarship program.

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